School Supply Lists 2014-15

It’s hard to believe that we have a little more than 4 weeks until school is back in session!  As of today, 17 July, these are the classroom supply lists we have.  Updates will be made as other lists are turned in.  *2nd and 3rd grade lists were added 7/22.

First Grade

  • 4 No. 2 pencils with erasers
  • 2 erasers (pink)
  • 1 box of crayons (16 crayons)
  • 1 red PLASTIC folder
  • 1 blue PLASTIC folder
  • 1 bottle of glue
  • 2 glue sticks
  • 1 box of markers (10)
  • 1 pair of children’s scissors
  • 1 box facial tissues
  • 1 box Ziploc bags, sandwich size
  • 2 spiral notebooks
  • 1 box of disinfecting wipes

Second Grade:

(this list may be outdated, we did not need the blue and green folders last year)

  • 10 pencils (pencils and erasers should be provided regularly, children use them every day)
  • 2 erasers
  • 1 pencil sharpener with a lid
  • 1 box of crayons
  • 2 glue sticks
  • scissors
  • 1 ruler with inches and centimeters
  • 1 pencil box
  • 1 box of facial tissues
  • 1 box of Ziploc bags (sandwich size)
  • 2 pocket folders (1 blue, 1 green)
  • 2 spiral notebooks
  • 1 set personal headphones (computer)

Third Grade:

(this list may be outdated, former 3rd grade parents suggest more wipes)

  • 2 boxes (12 each) No. 2 pencils with erasers (24 pencils total)
  • 1 box of crayons, 24 colors
  • 1 box of colored pencils, 12 colors
  • 1 hand-held pencil sharpeners, with lid to hold shavings
  • 2 spiral notebooks, wide-ruled
  • 3 composition notebooks, wide-ruled
  • 1 pack loose leaf paper, wide-ruled
  • 1 box of baby wipes
  • 1 pack of post-it notes
  • 1 pack dry erase markers
  • 2 red pens
  • 1 bottle of school glue or gel
  • 1 glue stick
  • 2 pocket folders, yellow and green
  • 1 pair children’s scissors
  • 2 boxes of facial tissues (bring one in August and one in February)
  • 1 roll paper towels
  • 1 pencil box small enough to fit in desk
  • 1 ruler metric/standard
  • 1 pair of computer headphones

4th/5th/6th grades 

  • zip top sandwich bags
  • zip top gallon bags
  • clorox wipes
  • colored pencils
  • scissors
  • note cards/index cards
  • highlighters
  • 2 composition notebooks
  • 5 pocket folders with center brackets
  • febreeze
  • pencil pouch or box for supplies
  • tissues
  • eraser caps
  • glue sticks
  • pencil sharpener with lid
  • metric/standard ruler
  • 2 spiral notebooks (5th and 6th grade=additional 2 notebooks, one for math and one for social studies)
  • travel size deodorants
  • many pencils
  • paper towels

*6th grade will also need a three-ring binder with seven hole-punched folders with pockets

Volunteers for Water Sales and Comfest Still Needed!

Comfest @ Goodale Park

Ecole Kenwood sells water at Comfest each year.  Click through here to sign up for a shift -

As an approved organization, we are responsible for supplying volunteers to the festival for security, and cleanup/recycling.  Comfest shifts include drink tokens and a free tshirt. The water booth shifts include good times and cold hands! To volunteer with comfest, please go to and follow the directions to volunteer or click this link:

PLEASE list Ecole Kenwood as the organization you would like to donate your time to so that we receive credit for supplying volunteers. We need at LEAST 10 volunteers for security, and 10 for recycling. See below to sign up for the water booth. Please remember to be ON TIME to your shift (and sober) Merci!

We have lots of visitors to this post who are looking for general Comfest volunteer into, so I’m editing this to add that you do not have to be affiliated with the school to put Ecole Kenwood down as the charity you are donating your hours for, so if you were going to volunteer anyway, please consider Columbus City Schools’ French Immersion K-6 program!

Lottery Letters Sent Out Last Week


If you are in the lottery for Ecole Kenwood or any other Columbus city school, you should have received your letter late last week.  Please be sure to make your selection and turn it in by June13th to keep your spot.  If you have not received a lottery letter yet or have a question, please call the lottery office at 614-365-7459.

Video of our 6th Graders

Click here to watch a video of our graduating 6th graders

This video is wonderful walk down memory lane.  Congratulations and good luck to all of you!

El Vaquero night!


Volunteers and Cakes still needed for Le Fancy Fair

Fancy Fair is Saturday, May 17, 3:00-6:00 pm. We still need many ADULT VOLUNTEERS to make this year a success! CLICK HERE to sign up for a volunteer shift!

***** If you have a student in 5th grade or above who would like to volunteer please contact me directly! They go on a separate spread sheet*******

We will also need cakes for the cake walk at Fancy Fair! one cake mix will make 2 9X9 cakes. Please write a note saying what kind it is and if it contains nuts or other common allergens. You can bring it to school on Friday on to the Fair on Saturday.

Kenwood PTO

PTO Meeting Minutes 4.29.14

PTO meeting 4.29.14

In attendance: Lisa Ehleringer, Amanda McClafferty, Megan McGonigle and Ryan Landi.

1.) Call to order

Lisa called the meeting to order.

2.) Treasurer’s report

Ryan: There has not much activity this past month. We started this year with a lean budget and I think we will do fairly well this year. We controlled spending and avoided frivolous items. We still have about $7000, but have to pay out for Fancy Fair.  We will be able to carry over funds into next year’s budget.  Questions? Lisa: money for M Poroda for the “caught being good cards”—has that been taken out? (no)

3.) Old business

  • playground toys

Ordered and delivered and the kids like them. Chinese jump ropes, jump ropes, tether balls.

  • 6th grade dance

Went off really well and they really enjoyed themselves.

4.) New business

  • Fancy Fair chairs

need chairs for: games, bounce house, dunk tank, set up, floater, tear down, food, tickets, (food and tickets need to be able to run change) hair color and tattoos, nail painting, crafts (Amy Overmyer), cake walk, volunteers (Sarah Moreno).

  • Mural-Andrea O’Carroll: We can do a graffiti mural on the building, inside, probably in the front hallway by the existing wall painting. The kids can do hand prints and write their names on it. We can take a pic and frame it and take it with us to Northgate. How much do we charge for this? We will need at least 3 people to help for each shift. $1 or $5…..How about $3, which is 12 tickets. Maybe we can earmark this money for going toward something at the new building, which may increase interest in doing this.

5.) Staff appreciation week

  • Tomorrow is the lunch, food from Costco. Bannon McBride will be doing that. Wish lists: some teachers didn’t send them home, etc, not all parents got them. Not all teachers gave Lisa lists—we tried. We may want to include latch key next year for the wish lists.
  • Room parents and issues with getting info from parents for contact purposes (relates to staff appreciation for trying to make contact with more parents for the teacher wish lists). Gathering email addresses, maybe there should be ways to sign up electronically. We could add a link to the website for people to sign up for email. “Would you like to sign up for our email” should be on the top of the page. Room parent stuff—that is at the top of Lisa’s list for next year. There was a lack of communication this year about how this was working, etc., and a disconnect between teachers and the parent. Teachers need to know they need to use the room parents and can plan ahead for them, and that we need this to help with communication in the classroom. Mme Wells: classrooms aren’t able to celebrate in the same ways as they did in the past and I think that’s part of what’s going on with the lack of communication.  But this was also supposed to be about things that the teacher needs, etc. Brian Hagemann: I think we should be realistic about that many of our parents do not have email access and we will still have to rely on the backpack method of getting info out.
  • Baked goods for Thursday—drop them off in the teachers’ lounge.

6.) Comfest

Our application is in, they let us know June 1st if we’re in.  They take 150 vendors, and get 4-500 applicants. We are never guaranteed a spot. We are optimistic, but there is some tension from an issue last year with a former Kenwood parent who wanted the booth to benefit Kenwood and International….but if we don’t make it in, then the walkathon money will just go into our budget rather than to a specific need next year.  6/27-29 are the dates. We will need 2-3 people for set up, then 2 people for each shift. You can sell water or volunteer for Comfest itself—we need these volunteers to get our security deposit back. We can put a sign up for volunteers at Fancy Fair.  Comfest volunteering involves cleaning of trash and recycling, working at the registration desk.  It would be great if we could have someone at the registration as much as possible–a lot of people come in to volunteer but don’t have an organization to get credit for it.  Last year Kyle McClafferty offered, “would you like to give your credit to a Columbus city school?” and most folks said sure.

7.) Other

  • Paper: We are out of 8.5X11, the school needs more paper. We can get it for $25 case—Lisa proposes ½ case-1 case per class. $325 for 13 cases. 9 cases will be purchased, and we can reassess. Motion to purchase: kristen, seconded. Approved for the purchase of paper.
  • Mme legrand’s father died last week.  She has asked that in lieu of flowers, that any donations be made instead to Fancy Fair.
  • Mme wells: OAA testing is this week and next week. Children’s festival is this weekend—closest one (to Kenwood) is at whetstone. She has the Q and As for the Blizzard packs. They will go out Friday 5/2 and  are due 5/16. If handed back in they will get credit for the 3 snow days. Does it affect student grade? Teachers will choose how they grade this work; it will be treated like classroom work.
  • Kristen Allison: the yearbook is lacking; the photo company did it entirely themselves. Mme Lipp and Kristen talked about making a photo memory book. We don’t have anything for the 6th graders right now. Why is the graduation gone? In the past, PTO would give $300 toward graduation and 7th graders would prepare it for 8th graders. We don’t have a budget line item. Brian Hagemann makes a motion to spend up to $300 for it. Seconded. Motion approved to use $300 toward 6th grade graduation.
  • New officer vote: Lisa Ehleringer is nominated for president: all approved. Secretary: Angie Meeker is nominated and seconded. All approved.  Treasurer: (one year only) Robert Meeker is nominated and seconded. All approved.  Congrats to all!
  • Raffle tickets: Megan McGonigle has raffle tickets for the quilt that will be raffled off at Fancy Fair.  Please take a group of tickets if you think you can sell them to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.  There is a small sample pic of the quilt on the tickets, but we will get a better pic that can be distributed.  Contact her at if you would like to get some tickets to buy and/or sell.
  • El vaquero: This will be held on May 21st.  20% of your bill will be donated to Kenwood, alcohol included.  Flyers will go home about this.
  • Letters will go home tomorrow for donations for silent auction (held at Fancy Fair)—even giving money for basket fillers is helpful, or gifts you bought and never gave.

8.) Adjournment


Quilt Raffle

The Grandmother of one of our students has made a beautiful quilt for us to raffle off.  The drawing will be at the Fancy Fair on May 17th at 5pm.

We need parents to sell tickets to friends, family and coworkers.  Tickets are $5 each or $20 for 5 tickets.

We will have ticket packets available at the PTO meeting tomorrow night or can send home tickets in backpacks.  We will be sending tickets in increments of 10 for parents who are interested in helping.

quilt ticket example




Please follow this link to sign up to have raffle tickets sent home.

Unsold tickets, stubs and money should be turned in by Wednesday, May 14th.

PTO Meeting Minutes 4.2.2014

PTO meeting minutes 4.2.14

Present: Lisa Ehleringer, Megan McGonigle, Amanda McClafferty.  Absent: Ryan Landi.

  1. Welcome.

Lisa welcomes everyone.

  1. Updates from M Poroda

  • M. Poroda shared an email from Mlle Lipp: the Bread Loaf Teacher Network will be publishing her student achievement, specifically her pedagogical practices and the lessons they did with variances in dialect and accent depending on country of origin.  M poroda is proud of her work!

  • He passed around info about the upcoming GT meetings.  The instruction of GT will be totally remodeled and there will be an impact on this school. He has a new brochure, gifted support at language schools is specifically mentioned.  Grades 3-5 will have one specialist who will work with kids in the classroom. The services will be ramped up. Please attend the parent info meeting. [note: after CCS parent feedback on the proposed changes, implementing changes has been pushed back until next year]

  • With regards to the construction project—waiting to get a date for the open house, may be the week we come back from break, may be the week after.  There was a building meeting today, they showed a basic rendering of the swing space. There’s enough space for everything. A primary teacher, an intermediate teacher and two parent volunteers to serve on a committee (Devin Miller and Kristin Allison). We had to move the swing date to December to get the building ready for a school setting. Parents, if they wish, can volunteer to help teachers pack up.  [Open house for Northgate will be April 23rd 6:30-8pm.  Sample classroom will be set up.]

  • Mme Wells will be principal at Northtowne next year.  This is good news for her, but we will miss her here!  Interviews with some candidates for principal will be happening next week. So this should be in place by next school year.

  • Springtime playtime: please reinforce with students to be careful on the blacktop, reinforce safe play with kids at home.

  • Last paper order has been placed for the year.  Ask teachers what they may need in their classrooms.

  • Blizzard bags info will be going out soon, this has been approved at ODE, guidelines are being developed.  Three make up days will occur via the bags, thus we will not make up snow days at the end of the school year.  Students have 10 school days to complete the bags.  If they are not completed, your child gets an unexcused absence for each bag. You need fewer than 10 unexcused absences for one year; 3 days won’t garner a visit from a Truancy officer.

  • Lastly, a flyer will be going home tomorrow or friday about 3rd grade spring break reading blitz. Parks and Rec and Columbus Metropolitan Library partnered, 15 16 17 April will have volunteers at rec centers.

  1. Treasurer’s report

This year’s family fun night actually made a little money. Are there any questions? We also want to follow up with Kenwood table covers/banners for Comfest, school fairs. M Poroda will follow up on this.

  1. Old business

  • family fun night (update covered above)

  • playground toys: outside equipment needed like jump ropes, tether balls, etc. $150 in items like that needs to be ordered. Chinese jump ropes–check with Mme Williams because she may have some. Motion approved for the purchase of these items.

  • 6th grade dance: they have their money and flyers have been made for 6th graders. Washington Cole will be asking for parent volunteers.

      5. New business

  • El Vaquero night: We are working on a night, it will be a Thursday.

  • 5th grade plant sales: good quality, profit is about $1/plant.

  • food bank/backpacks: We would like to start a food bank here at Kenwood for families in need.  Teachers can help identify students who depend on school breakfast and lunch for all meals, and who could use some help over the weekends.  Parents are encouraged to drop off donations–think about foods that do not require preparation that kids can make themselves.  When we get closer to the point of distributing food, fresh fruit and vegetables could be donated to be sent home.  Please spread this via word of mouth as we don’t want to shame anyone.  CRC may have an overabundance of food that we could have access to.  If folks know of other food resources, please contact Megan McGonigle ( or Amanda McClafferty (

  • Staff appreciation week-This will move to April 28-May 2 because of OAAs.  Teacher wish list will go out and parents may want to donate items to the classroom.  Sign ups for staff breakfast, lunch and treats days will be going out soon.

  • Fancy Fair: It will be 5/17.  This year we have a dunk tank with Mr. D, maybe one of our former middle school teachers would be willing to do it as well. Silent auction: Amanda McClafferty is going from being in charge of volunteers to the silent auction. Letters have gone out to our usual companies. But if you or anyone you know has something to donate that would be great. If you know of anyone who would be willing to donate jewelry, etc., Amanda has form letters if you’d be wanting to do that.  Chairs are needed for Fancy Fair, and this will go out ASAP.  We also need as much staff involvement as possible, and maybe this could be brought up at staff meetings.

  • Officer elections: treasurer 1 year term, secretary 2 year term, president 2 year term.  Elections will happen later this month at our last meeting.  Please contact Lisa if you are interested in these positions!

 6. Closing

Next (and final) PTO meeting will be held Tuesday, April 29th, 6-7pm, in the library.

PTO Meeting Minutes 3.4.2014

PTO Meeting Minutes 3.4.14

1.) Welcome

Lisa welcomes everyone.

2.) Updates from M. Poroda

Quick things: Mme Wells and he want to thank parents for their help this past month with all of the activities. Swing space: board is voting tonight on the buildings being closed. If it’s approved that 5th Ave goes to Hubbard ES, we will have a better idea of where we will be. As soon as we find out something he will tell us. The district is working hard to finalize this.

3.) Treasurer’s Report

Ryan: principal’s fund: we approved that and have spent that.  We have few outstanding checks, so that’s good.  We are behind in fundraising, we will hopefully make most of that up at Fancy Fair and Comfest.  Discretionary expenses=$1914.  The majority of that is from Camp Willson, he expects that that number should go down when Kenwood Kash gets added in to that. We have $5000 that we are holding. He had suggested putting that money aside into another account, for potential playground equipment for the new building.  M. Poroda: playground equipment is worked into the budget of the new building. The builders ask us what specific equipment we want for our playground. Things like maps on the playgrounds can be asked for, like CSIA. Ryan: but if the costs overrun with the building, it gets pulled from things like the playground equipment (this happened at Clinton ES).

4.) Old Business

  • Book Fair report: we earned $770 in book credit this year. Scholastic books and Scholastic book fairs have combined, and we may be able to use this credit for French books. We may also be able to offer French books at the book fair next year because of this change.

  • International Potluck report: Lisa: it was terrific, we had a good turn out, a lot of families brought older kids back, so that was nice.

  • Snow removal: Lisa asks M Poroda how it’s going: it’s been removed twice. First time was pretty expensive ($125). Second time, we went to a different vendor.  With the cold temps, kids haven’t been outside. Blacktop only usually means a lot of skinned knees, and a lot of nurse visits. If parents could reinforce with your kids to bring a book in the AM, it helps them meet the expectation of quiet when they can’t go outside after breakfast. Jenn Hambach asked about the sidewalks and who cleans them. When we had the smaller snowfall the sidewalks were clean, but when we had 10 inches, they were pretty messy. Maybe we could have a parent committee help out with this and get it done.  M Poroda says that it’s really a custodial thing and that he will talk to M Bennett about it.

5. New Business

  • Washington Cole-6th grade dance

Washington presented on ideas the 6th graders have about a dance for their class.  They are thinking a masquerade ball could be a good way to bond with other students. They want $155 for food, decorations and music. The dance will be April 25th. Students will pay $2 to get in. Kristin Allison moves to vote on PTO providing $155, seconded. Motion passed.

  • Family Fun Night (3/21)

Magician/entertainer Dr. insecta comes highly recommended, he was the one who actually came up with the bowling ball trick that was at last year’s Family Fun Night.  Dinner will start at 6; Dr. Insecta starts at 6:30.

  • El Vaquero Night (in April)

This may get moved to May because the patio is usually open by then.

  • Staff Appreciation Week (5/5-5/9)

We are in the preliminary stages of planning for this.  We usually provide a breakfast, a lunch, have a snack/baked goods day and a few other little treats.  Be thinking about donations (we have already put in a request with Panera for the breakfast day, but will need other items as well).

  • Fancy Fair (5/17)

Lisa still needs to find a volunteer coordinator for this. [edit: she has since found a parent to do this] So if you know someone who is good at organizing, etc. let her know.

  • other topics

Kindergarten trips to zoo in May: need money for busing.  Mme Vanden Noven and Mme Bateman think it will be no more than $200. This will be a cushion in case they come up short from the kids bringing on money. We will need to vote on this. Kristin Allison moves that we vote, seconded; Motion passed. May 12th is the date.

Do we know if they are going to extend the school year? (we still don’t know this yet.) Because of calamity days, OAAs may get pushed back. (these are usually the week after spring break)  We need to look at trips to parks at the end of the year.  M. Poroda would rather that money he has go to field trips rather than picnics.

Are there any more field trips? Staff had till 2/28 to get in requests. Next week there will be staff meeting to talk about this.

Science fair—Mme Williams: 5th graders will be doing this may 1st, because we can get in the gym. Will be on display that Thursday afternoon, and in the evening for parents, 5-7.  Forms will be there for the kids to get feedback, please do these for kids other than your own child.  Mme Williams suggests bringing in your project a few days early so you can put it back together if you need to ride the bus with your project. Science Fair is open to 4th 5th 6th graders, but mandatory for 5th grade. The elementary science specialist for CCS will be here that day.

6. Adjournment


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