2013 Plant Sale for Canada Trip

petuniasTo help Kenwood students earn money towards a potential future trip, we will be working with Garden’s Edge to sell plants. Students in the 4th and 5th grades have the chance to earn trip credit. You may use the attached forms to order plants. Any profit earned by an eligible student will be credited to that student’s trip fee next year.

Here are the important details for the sale:

• Orders AND PAYMENTS will be due on Monday, April 8 – the first day back after spring break.
• We suggest making an additional copy to keep track of your individual order.
• You must turn in a TOTAL order, and make certain you keep your individual orders for your own records.
• There are 3 pages to be turned in: 2 pages listing the totals for every plant type available, and a summary page that has subtotals for the various categories. We would like all 3 pages turned in. The third page is a good tool for verifying the accuracy of your order.
• Payments can be made in cash or checks payable to Kenwood PTO.
• Students can turn orders in to their teachers, or you can place the orders in the PTO mailbox in an envelope, OR you can hand it to Kristin Allison or Julie Henderson.
• Orders will not be placed without payment.

The plants will be delivered on Friday, May 17 in the afternoon. You will be responsible for picking them up that afternoon, but NOT between 3 and 4 pm when buses arrive and school lets out. Please contact Kristin or Julie if special arrangements need to be made.

Extra order forms will be available in the office and online. If you wish to credit a sale to a specific 4th or 5th grader, you should specify that on the order form. Any sales not designated will go to the overall trip fund in 2013.

We have been quite pleased with the quality of the plants. This company has been used by many other schools in Columbus for several years. We have attempted to price plants so that they are competitive with store prices while still allowing our students to earn money for their trip fund.

Link to Page 1 of the Form

Link to Page 2 of the Form

Link to Page 3 of the Form

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Kristin Allison                                              Julie Henderson
614-299-4028                                             614-430-8161
allison@copper.net                                   juliehenderson219@gmail.com