Citrus Sale 2013


Fifth graders are preparing for their trip to Camp Wilson this year. This 3 day/2 night trip will take place in January and is always a great time for all the students. This trip will be a trip that students always remember and well worth the money it takes to make this trip happen. 

To help Kenwood 5th grade students earn money towards their Camp Wilson trip, we will be working with RiverSweet to sell citrus. You may use the attached forms to order fruit. You may either credit the sale and its profit to a current 5th grader to go towards their $75 camp fee or leave it for the general Camp Wilson fund to lower the extra cost of the trip, being covered by the PTO, as well as help make certain all 5th graders will be able to enjoy the camp.
Here are the important details for the sale:
Orders AND PAYMENTS will be due on Monday, November 11, 2013.
You can order using the order forms sent home with your student(s), or you can order through a website set up for this fundraiser,  Online sales can also be credited to a 5th grade student.  All uncredited sales will go to the general Camp Wilson.
Payments can be made in cash or checks payable to Kenwood PTO.
Students can turn orders in to their teachers, or to the school office.
Orders will not be placed without payment. 
Fruit is expected to be delivered at a yet-to-be-determined date in the first three weeks of December. We will notify you of the exact date, by email, once we receive word from our supplier. The fruit will be delivered to the school. You will be responsible for picking the fruit up that afternoon, but NOT between 3:15 and 3:45 pm when buses arrive and school lets out. Please contact Kristin, Tiffany, or Tammy if special arrangements need to be made.

Extra order forms will be available in the office. If you wish to credit a sale to a specific 5thgrader, you should specify that on the order form. Any sales not designated will go to the overall trip fund in 2013.
We have been pleased with the quality of the fruit. This company has been used by many other schools in Columbus for several years. We have attempted to price the fruit so that they are reasonable while still allowing your child to earn money for his or her trip fund.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Kristin Allison. 614-299-4028.

Tiffany Hanna 614-204-2285          

Tammy Derden 614-500-2757.