Kenwood PTO Meeting Minutes 9/4/2012 6-7pm

present: Tiffany Hanna, president; Andrea O’Carroll and Ryan Landi, pending co-presidents; Megan McGonigle, secretary; Courtney Smith, treasurer

A. M. Toure
Thanked folks for attending, mentioned that parent involvement is what makes this school wonderful. Parents hold everyone accountable. He is taking this year to get used to the culture; he’s never been in a school with such an involved PTO. At the school board meeting tonight, M. Toure said that Carole Olshavsky will be presenting about the new building; final plan will be presented to Toure at school, but it looks like we can expect a new building on current site in 2-3 years. Will have to decide where to swing while current building comes down and new one goes up.
B. Current Officers
Tiffany introduced herself, introduced Megan McGonigle and Courtney Smith.

A. President-nominated as co-presidents: Andrea O’Carroll and Ryan Landi
Megan McGonigle nominated Andrea O’Carroll and Ryan Landi, it was seconded; motion passed.
B. Vice President
Erin Stamper was nominated by Lisa Ehleringer, and seconded; motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report
A. Current Totals
Courtney explained the acct balance (32,585.30) and the liabilities that take 10,203.70 from that (music fund, library fund, etc). $22,381 available to us right now.
Annual Expenses: building support/capital expenses is new this year; music stands goes into that category, as well as letters on the signage outside. Last year was pencil sharpeners, for example.
All line items for annual expenses (babysitting, Kenwood promo, Building support/capital expenses, advertising, Canada trip donation, Planners and folders, 8th grade grad trip and party, snow removal, staff reimbursement, winter craft) are approved in a majority vote.

Operating expenses are gone through, there are no questions.

Annual Holding acct ($2500) is new this year for something like new building, or a “rainy day fund.” There are no requests for changes. 2012-13 Budget passed.
B. Budget update and outlook
There has been a request from M. Weibel for a soccer goal that is semi-permanent. Approximately $700 will come from the capital expenses. Motion approved.
Committee Reports
A. Hot Dog Hoedown
1. Donations needed
2. Volunteers needed
Hot dog hoedown is 9/21 from 7-7:30pm, and is our first big event after the start of a new school year (as well as a school fundraiser).  New person in charge is Erin Stamper; request in for chipotle and weilands, we need cole slaw, other food. Anderson’s was a suggestion, there was a kenwood family from there. Check with giant eagle as well. Erin passed around a sign up sheet; Andrea will set up sign up genius with Erin for online signups.
B. Citrus Sale to Canada
1. Volunteers needed to assist with sale
Noelle could not attend tonight, but she needs someone to help her organize the fruit. Kristin Allison and Julie Henderson will assist with this. Tiffany points out how as a school, we do not ask students to sell anything; the exception is the citrus sale, and that money goes directly to the students for their canada trip. Noelle has a long-standing relationship with the grocery; she just needs help.

Latch key M. Ricker works at whole foods, she is getting a team to come to kenwood to fix up some of the landscaping. If anyone has hostas, daylilies, bulbs etc. to split, bring them in. They are coming at the end of September. Another group is coming 9/11; M. Toure has contact with them.

Old Business
A. Comfest—profit of over $6800

  1. chairperson needed to take over

Darcy Hartmann is  looking for someone to take over. Needs someone to work with her and learn the ropes. Comfest runs from Fri morning-sunday evening; Darcy isn’t there the whole weekend, but checks in constantly, picks up money, coordinates volunteers. All we had to pay for this year was ice and $300 for extra water.

Darcy wanted to mention (via Tiffany Hanna) that ski club info will be coming out soon; open to 6-8 graders. They go 6ish times with Indianola. If anyone wants to take this over, too….

B. Kenwood Kash
Bannon McBride: flyers have already gone home describing the program. 60% of the profit goes to PTO and 40% goes to child’s acct (for Canada trip). Tiffany explained how this will pay for Canada trips. There are hundreds of gift cards available. Bannon keeps totals of what families have earned, people can ask her after the meeting. She does orders on mondays and gift cards will be delivered by friday…. email her for more information or directions. Related: kroger rewards/giant eagle rewards money going to kenwood. Kroger has to be renewed every april, GE is ongoing. Ask co-workers, family members for their GE numbers; last year we got digital cameras as a result of this (for how well Ecole Kenwood did). Revenue last year from Kenwood Kash was $2800 with maybe 12 consistent families. Kristin Allison pointed out how you can order online and get the card in your email. M. Scott asks what Bannon has on hand: Giant Eagle, wendy’s, chipotle—these are ones that she keeps with her on fridays. She can make arrangements with you to meet in the mornings when she does drop off. You can pay your kohls card through the giftcards. To staff: if you are buying kenwood kash, you could designate a student to be the recipient of your money. M. Weibel will be able to let you know who needs help paying for the trip.

New Business
Ryan: new school tshirts are in design phase, so look for them. Will be in the office to see. Will be taking pre-orders for them. Stay tuned for this. Andrea: new communications: new FB page; new newsletter that went out; new PTO website. New email addresses for PTO members.

Planners: if they get lost, what is replacement price? ($5) middle school is getting planners that were made in french, we will see how they do for a quarter and go from there. Next year’s planners will all be done in french. Kristin Allison lets new parents know about the book cart and is taking donations for it.  Please donate, the cart is in music room. Email or call kristin, she will come pick up books. K-5 uses bookcart most, but M. Weibel and Mme. Writsel-Lopez use their rooms to get books out to middle schoolers.

We have lots of yearbooks to sell from last year if you are interested. In the office for $10. We will need people for the winter bazaar, check email for info about this. Mme. Williams on box tops: put child’s name and room number on them, due in by march.

Idea to consider: bake sale for election day because we are a voting site. If anyone would like to head this up, please talk to a PTO president.

Adjourn 7:00