PTO Meeting Minutes 1.14.2014

PTO Meeting minutes 1.14.2014
present: Andrea O’Carroll, Ryan Landi, Amanda McClafferty, Megan McGonigle
1. Call to order
Andrea called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.
2. Minutes from previous meeting
Andrea asked if anyone had any questions or changes to the minutes from the November 2013 meeting. A motion was made to approve the minutes, seconded, motion passed.
3. Principal’s comments
M. Paroda introduced himself and Mme. Wells. He has news: staff voted for conferences for February, 6th (Thurs) and (Tues) 2/11, 4-7:30. More info will be coming out soon for sign ups, etc. Other issues: he went to reform panel last Tues to request the variance from typical assessments (DIBELS). He represented Kenwood and CSIA. They proposed that when students first come into the program, that there is an observation survey in the student’s native language. From then on, all other assessments will be done in French/Spanish so we can really measure growth. M. Paroda got an email today that it was unanimously approved. Now it has to go to the state waiver to replace the writing assessments. So we will be working on that part. He has a meeting with Maria Stockard on Friday to see how we can start to, for the 3rd grading period, communicate progress on language for grades 2-5. Also looking to implement ongoing diagnostic in language acquisition. Third grade guarantee and some interventions we are providing in the classrooms: we have had 2 intervention assistants that are trained as LIIs to give small group instruction so they can begin focusing on issues. Our CCIT for literacy, Mme Scoyez is pushing into 3rd grade classrooms to assist with instruction. Let him know if you have any questions.
4. PTO changes/vote
Andrea explains that we are proposing changes tonight with the PTO board. Andrea and Ryan will be resigning as co-presidents, effective immediately. Ryan will serve as interim treasurer for the rest of this school year and Lisa Elheringer will become interim president. Andrea is going to swap with Lisa and take over the Kenwood Advocates group. Any questions? Ryan is nominated for interim treasurer: motion passed. Lisa is nominated for president: motion passed.
5. Treasurer’s report
Ryan: we are well in the black, we are doing a good job replacing the money we have spent from last year. Winter bazaar will be up $600, for a total of about $1200. We have made $826 in box top money. There is also a deposit from a parent pledge for the Camp Willson trip. $5500 is the total trip cost; currently have a $3000 deficit, but citrus and plant sales and box tops have not been added in.
6. Core values postcards/Ecole Kenwood banner
M Paroda explains that parent communication is so important, and they worked with the staff to come up with core values for our school: respectful, responsible, helpful and kind. We want to have postcards made up to demonstrate the 4 core values. When teachers see one (or more) of the values in a student, a card will go home to parents, so they are aware that something good is happening at school. He contacted the printer he has used for CSIA, $275 total, with $75 design fee and postage costs. The quality of this printer’s work is high—heavy card stock, gloss on front, matte on back, 4 colors. Very professional style.

Banner: $100, 36 X 72, display in the main entrance with core values on it. It would be great to put a mark, even at Hubbard so it becomes more than just our swing space. Amanda McClafferty says that we really need a new banner for Comfest as the current sign is in bad shape, so we’d like to replace it. After some discussion, it becomes clear that a new banner is not a (Comfest) water-specific thing, but something we can use for other events. M Paroda mentions getting a table-sized nylon banner that could be used for indoor activities. Amanda can call the company we used for tshirts and see what he could price. Are we going to redo the logo? We would like to talk to parent Clinton Reno about doing that (he made a fabulous Kenwood print that he sold at the winter bazaar). Motion to spend $575 on postcards and banners. All in favor. Motion passed. Table the other banners for now until we have price quotes.
7. Book fair
Lisa explained a little about this and said that we need a lot of help. Cary Carlton suggested that it’s necessary to have 2 people for each shift, so someone can work the register and keep an eye on materials while the other person helps kids find books, helps the younger kids write down their wish lists. There was a question about getting books in French, like the scholastic ones we get from Canada. We cannot get French books because Scholastic book fair is a different entity than scholastic book sales. Book fair will begin the night of the international pot luck, 2/7 and will continue the following week.
8. International potluck
Lisa explains how the potluck works–just a social event for our school. Bring a dish and we have tables set up by continent, and then we just eat and talk. It is usually held the same Friday as when the book fair begins. It will be 2/7. Volunteers: A sign up sheet was passed around for set up and tear down and decorations. Amanda McClafferty is the contact person for that, and she will transfer this into a signup genuis that will be sent out over email and posted on our Facebook group and the website.
9. Parent teacher conferences meal
Megan McGonigle will be the contact person for the parent-provided dinner. Our night will be Thursday, 2/11. We haven’t had asian food as a theme for a while, so let’s plan on that. A sign up genius will be going out for that.
10. New business
Lisa: as the person in charge of Fancy Fair, it won’t be easy for me to do both that and be president, so I’m looking for someone to help me out and. Lisa explained that Fancy Fair is a school carnival that is held in May, that we invite the incoming K class, we have a great silent auction, lots of games. It will be May 17th. Tiffany Hanna: I will be on my way out soon, so I will need people to help me as well. Amanda McClafferty will be taking over the silent auction. I need some people to be on my committee to package baskets. There’s wine, beer, liquor, food… please see me if you’d like to help. First meeting will be in late Feb/early March. One thing we need to think about this year is bringing back alum because this will be the end of the building and the last time we ever have Fancy Fair in the “old building.” One idea is to pay to graffiti the building. Not huge art, just for folks to write their names on bricks. M Paroda will look into to what we can do about this. Mme Scoyez: she is in touch with a lot of older alums, if we send her something like a Welcome Back alums flyer that she can post on her facebook wall, this could be a great way to reach them. Is it possible to get a list of alums with addresses?

Andrea: there will be some vacancies for next year: a one-year treasurer, and a two-year secretary. Be thinking about if you’d like to help out in this way, or know of another parent who would be interested. Kenwood advocates would like to meet next Thursday. Also, we should probably move the PTO meeting next month, because as is, there are school events Wed. 2/3, Thurs. 2/6 and Friday, 2/7.

Tiffany: Return to home school has been approved as of today, so you could go back to home school if you choose to leave International. There was some question about this being changed and folks being locked into International, but they will be continuing with this policy of being able to return to your home school.

M Paroda: I hear a lot of talk about fundraising and I don’t want to compete with PTO efforts, but I think it’s important as a school that we have a fundraiser for the My Principal’s Fund. He has spoken to a few companies (for donations) and would like to explore that further. We are very limited on funds, he’s meeting with the treasurers tomorrow. We started the year in a deficit, with field trips and buses. Maybe this is something we do for next year. Ryan: what is your goal? ($1500-2000) I think I’m speaking for everyone and saying what we as parents disdain is our kids becoming sales vehicles. We would much rather support other events and come together as a group to meet those needs. Ryan suggests creating a line item for the principal’s fund so it can stay in the budget. We can probably squeeze out some funds from this year. We could probably do $500 right now. Reagan Bluel makes a motion to move $500 to put in the principal’s fund, seconded. All in favor of the $500? Motion passed. Mme Scoyez mentions that she will need the money for the leveled readers now (that we approved in a previous meeting). Neal Bluel: for the next meeting, can we look deeper in the budget to see if there’s more we can get (for the principal’s fund)? Ryan: There could be money in staff reimbursement, planners, etc. Neal: so maybe at the last PTO meeting we address this again. Kristin Allison, to M Paroda: if something comes up a problem because there’s no money (for example, a field trip may have to be cancelled), please let us know so we can make that happen. As parents we can make that happen.

The next meeting PTO meeting has been moved to Monday, February 3rd, at 6pm. It will still be a busy week with events, but this will help spread it out a bit.