PTO Meeting Minutes 11 April 2013

PTO meeting 11 April 2013

present: co-president Ryan Landi, vice-president Erin Stamper, treasurer Courtney Smith and secretary Megan McGonigle

absent: co-president Andrea O’Carroll

 Ryan called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

I. Approval of the Minutes

Ryan asked to approve the minutes. Motion to approve, seconded. Motion passed.

II. Treasurer’s Report

Courtney explained some of the recent PTO purchases for the school: we renewed First in Math and Reading A-Z, funded some jazz programming for M. Lockett.  Family Fun Night was a success, great turn out. Canada trip went well, PTO $$ went toward food. Fancy fair will be next big money maker. Darcy Hartman explained a bit about comfest and water and what kenwood does. Application for vendor is in, waiting to hear about our status in May. Columbus distrubuting company donated all of our water last year (except a small amount that we had to buy at the last minute, at the end of comfest). We need a lot of volunteers for this. Also need volunteers for safety and cleanup. Darcy will start signs up for that at Fancy Fair. Comfest is the last weekend of June.

III. Fancy Fair

Lisa Ehleringer explained a little bit about Fancy Fair, it will be Saturday 18 May, 3-6pm. There are games, cake walk, a patisserie done by Darcy Hartman and Mme. Scoyez and a large silent auction.  There’s pizza, hot dogs,nachos, popsicles and drinks.  The biggest thing we need is volunteers. Have all chairs but one for the cake walk and food.  Need cake walk chair to be available for Friday night too, as cakes will be coming in during the day friday. Food chair is needed, this person helps set up, make sure people arrive for food shifts.  2:00 set up, 2:30-4:30 first shift, 4:30-6 (6:30?) is second shift.  Amanda McClafferty, volunteer chair, will be sending out volunteer emails ASAP.  Two parents are needed for each event.  We need 24 parents, at least 34 students for all volunteer shifts, and this is a minimum.  Natali Fausey suggested that former students who are at International be asked if they want to come back and help volunteer for Fancy Fair.

 Tiffany Hanna is silent auction chair. It’s one of the biggest fundraisers. $2000 in donations have already come in.  Be creative when thinking about how we may get more donations-businesses want to get their names out and may give out theme park tickets, etc. so think of what people you may be able to contact.   Parents who are cake decorators may donate a cake, or a donut party for a classroom. Maybe donate some nice gifts you never gave. It’s all tax deductible. Staff letter going out this week asking for donations from them. You can put together a basket or just give stuff to tiffany. Or if you want to give $$ to her for basket stuffing, etc., that would also be appreciated.

Ryan asks M. Toure about the robocall that went out last year about students who were left at Fancy Fair the previous year.  Apparently at 8pm there were 15 kids here, who has been dropped off all day, and were there well past the event being over.  The robocall last year indicated that drop offs like that should not happen and that CPS would be called if children are left past the conclusion of Fancy Fair. Ryan recommends a call like that should go out again.

Erin mentioned that the recognition ceremony for 6th and 7th graders will be at Fancy Fair.  It will be at 4:30 for 6th and 4:45 for 7th, with gifts and certificates. Also, May 29th is dance for 6-8th graders.

IV. Teacher Appreciation Week

Megan sent around a volunteer sign-up sheet for this week, which will be 6-10 May.  Tiffany reminded us of some of the things that have happened in past years.  We will probably do a breakfast day and a baked goods day, where parents drop off foods they have signed up for.  Thursday we will do a catered lunch, Bannon McBride has said she can help coordinate this again.  We have individually wrapped biscotti to put in teacher mailboxes with a nice note attached.  And we will make/buy some kind of small gift for each of our teachers. Parents will be encouraged to send in notes of appreciation to teachers.

V. Elections/Nominations

Elections will be at the next meeting, with two positions to fill, Treasurer and VP. Email any of us if you are interested in these.

VI. Room Parent

(we discussed this a bit at the March PTO meeting) One parent from each classroom as a designated parent to coordinate volunteers, etc. Ryan is still trying to meet with M. Toure about this. Now is the time to think about if you are interested, email Ryan and we can set this up for next year.  It’s better to fill as many positions as we can now, despite not knowing what rooms our kids will be in, but even if we end up with several parents assigned to a room, that’s all good.

VII. New business

  • M. Toure: [this came up earlier in our meeting, but I have placed the discussion here, for the sake of thematics.  -M.M.] Report on canada trip will be in next newsletter; it went well. Thanks 3 families (4 including Mme. Williams) who have agreed to take on Amity volunteers for next year. He is just waiting to hear back from Amity at this point. Volunteers are supposed to start in the fall, depends on what’s available and who we can get to come to Columbus.  Mock trial competition was today, M. Toure thanks The Fauseys for helping with that.  Several kenwood kids did well in this district-wide event, getting best witness and best lawyer. No other “big” news for him to report. Still waiting to hear about teachers who may need to be hired for next year.

  • Imani Roberts from the track team spoke for 7th and 8th graders about getting tshirts for memebers. $10 for each shirt, need 18. Ryan asks if the team is ordering shirts. (yes) M. Toure asks how kenwood did at the first meet that week.. Boys 400 relay got 1st, boys 200 relay got 2nd. Girls got 2nd in 200 and 1st in 400. Imani got 2nd in hurdles and 1st in 200. There are nine meets left in season. Tiffany Hanna asks for a motion, motion seconded. Motion for $180 approved.

  • Tiffany Hanna: April 25th will be El Vaquero night. Take flyer to server (going home tomorrow) and kenwood gets 20% of those bills. 5:30pm. Alcohol included. Backroom is open to us. Bring friends!

  • Bannon McBride: she sends out the reminder to update your kroger rewards card (where kroger sends school a % of sales).  Don’t forget to sign up again since it expires every April. She provided instructions of how to do it. It takes fewer than 2 minutes to do online.

Tiffany added that Apples for Students at Giant Eagle just closed for the quarter. We ranked high, we should be able to get some digital cameras again.

  • Kristin Allison: Related to canada trip for next year, she wants to make a recommendation. Leftover plant money has been going into a general fund, she is suggesting that donations go to a scholarship fund instead of going to individual students. The general donation fund may take $50 off each kid’s total.  5-10 plant orders go undesignated so that’s the money that gets split among all students.  She has spoken to some teachers and M. Toure about this, and M. Toure is supportive of helping out with identifying what kids may benefit from this. Teachers could be part of this to help assess students to know who really deserves to go and can’t do it financially.  This assesment would be based on grades, interest in the trip and general behavior. Saving up the money isn’t always an option for all parents; Kristin just wants to throw this out there for us to talk about now as we transition to the new trip. Ryan asks if there is a committee who does this trip (no, there are teachers who have always planned this). Maybe now is the time to start a committee for the trip that involves teachers, parents, etc. and reconsider how we as the PTO use our money for the trip. Tiffany Hanna says that PTO money helping with lunch money is really helpful (the $2500). Natali Fausey says that a more individualized trip could reduce the cost, this could be a good time to make some changes. Tiffany: If another trip is not in our future, 5th grade camp wilson should be expanded. This year was only one night, which hardly makes it worth the experience.

  • Jena hueber: she has the quilt that her mom made for the Fancy Fair raffle. In the past we talked about being able to buy raffle tickets online so out-of-town family and friends could buy tickets—maybe we can create a website?  Hope McGonigle has done research on selling raffle tickets online; she can coordinate this.  Brian Hagemann and Andrea O’Carroll may be able to assist with this.  We could also list it on ebay—special link on ebay, but of course this option takes away the random-ness of the winner and could keep too many of our school families from participating.  Int’l High School had a web page set up for fundraiser, check with Nicki Kraft for more info about this.