PTO Meeting Minutes 2.3.2014

PTO meeting minutes 2.3.2014

in attendance: Lisa Ehleringer, Amanda McClafferty and Megan McGonigle.  Ryan Landi absent.

  1. Call to order

Lisa called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

  1. Minutes from previous agenda

Kristin Allison moved that we accept the minutes, motion approved.

  1. Treasurer’s report

Ryan was absent, but the board does not have any monetary requests for a vote at this time.

  1. Old Business

  • book fair volunteers

Scholastic will deliver materials tomorrow and we need volunteers to set this up. We also need people to volunteer to work at the book fair: Courtney Smith is the organizer for this–questions?  Please contact her at

  • International potluck

This is (this) friday night, everyone brings a dish.  Food will be organized by continent.  We need decorations for this!  It is from 6-8pm.  To sign up for set up/tear down or to bring decorations:  Amanda McClafferty is the organizer, if you have questions, please contact her at  UPDATE: this event has been postponed because of the snow day last week.  We will reschedule and will send home info of the new date.  Thanks!

  • Parent teacher conferences dinner

Sign up is going around, our night is Tuesday, February 11th.  Please drop off food between 3:30-4pm.  Megan McGonigle is the organizer and can be contacted at if you have questions.  There are still some spots open:

  1. New business

M Paroda: the reform committee approved our waiver from DIBELS.  But the state has rejected our application for the waiver. He is meeting with a state rep on friday (2/7) to let them know a little more about our program, and why we are seeking the waiver, etc. Including French language assessment on our report cards will not be ready for the 3rd grading period, but will be in place by the 4th grading period, or at worst, starting next year.

A 6th grade student has asked to have a dance in February for 6th grade students.  M Paroda would like to do something for them, even though we may not be able to get it ready for February.  Maybe we could call it a party to make it less formal. Maybe we could do it later this spring after school hours, 6-8pm kind of thing.  Last February at the middle school dance they sold pizza and other stuff, and basically they made all the money back. Dates?  April 25th sounds good–Spring Fling.

Keep in mind doing a 6th grade send off. This is usually the last day of school, in the evening. Usually the 7th graders put this on for the 8th grade, but this will probably change now and be 6th grade families organizing the event.

Lisa: Family fun night will be March 21st, and Dr. Insecta will be coming. He has a magic and variety show. He has videos on you tube. He was recommended by David Kaplan who has done our show before.

Kenwood Advocates: Andrea has sent out sign ups for the various committees, be on the look at for this.  You can sign up here:

Tiffany Hanna will be having a meeting in 2-3 weeks for the silent auction for Fancy Fair.

Julie Schirmer: lego robotics—what is that? (there was an event going on at school at the same time as the PTO meeting) Coleman King’s dad wanted to do a technology thing with the students and he has experience with this and working with kids. Tonight is the first night they are meeting; will be every monday 6:30-8 pm in the computer lab. It’s for 4Th, 5th and 6th grades.

M Paroda thanked the pto for supporting the camp willson trip.

He also highlighted that our Math Works team won 2nd place in problem solving, out of 47 schools. This is a group of 5th graders, done through the GT program.

Mme Scoyez is working with M Paroda on ordering the leveled reading books. They are working on needs assessment right now to see what we need to order, etc.

The Clintonville school fair was supposed to be on last Tuesday but it was cancelled. It’s going to be rescheduled for 2/11. Lisa will be there and if anyone else can go…..its 6-8pm, set up at 5:30. Clintonville area middle schools will be there as well, so our 6th grade parents may want to know about it.

Parent and school board member Michael Cole discussed the opening on the board with Carol Perkins resigning.  They are looking at applications right now and planning interviews soon. It should be a fairly rigorous process. Leadership style will be important, as will being able to respectfully disagree. We are making measured decisions. Whoever we choose, we are going to move forward in strength.

Greg King, parent of Coleman, came to talk about the lego robotics program. He is hoping to get us in for next year in the 1st lego league. The plan is to work here with the current group and work through challenges, building robots, building devices, problem solving. I’d like to work the mind storms because there are tons of classroom applications. 1st lego league is an Int’l competition, there’s one in Quebec City that we could present at. This could be a long term goal for the group. His high school students would be willing to work with teachers for how they could use these in the classrooms. Really this is about problem solving, there are physical and logical sides of this. There are 7 kids currently in our group, with room for 10 kids. People are welcome to stop by during the meetings to see what it’s about. He will continue next year and even after that after Coleman leaves Ecole Kenwood.

The next PTO meeting will be Tuesday, 4 March (Mardi Gras!).

6. Adjournment