PTO Meeting Minutes 3.4.2014

PTO Meeting Minutes 3.4.14

1.) Welcome

Lisa welcomes everyone.

2.) Updates from M. Poroda

Quick things: Mme Wells and he want to thank parents for their help this past month with all of the activities. Swing space: board is voting tonight on the buildings being closed. If it’s approved that 5th Ave goes to Hubbard ES, we will have a better idea of where we will be. As soon as we find out something he will tell us. The district is working hard to finalize this.

3.) Treasurer’s Report

Ryan: principal’s fund: we approved that and have spent that.  We have few outstanding checks, so that’s good.  We are behind in fundraising, we will hopefully make most of that up at Fancy Fair and Comfest.  Discretionary expenses=$1914.  The majority of that is from Camp Willson, he expects that that number should go down when Kenwood Kash gets added in to that. We have $5000 that we are holding. He had suggested putting that money aside into another account, for potential playground equipment for the new building.  M. Poroda: playground equipment is worked into the budget of the new building. The builders ask us what specific equipment we want for our playground. Things like maps on the playgrounds can be asked for, like CSIA. Ryan: but if the costs overrun with the building, it gets pulled from things like the playground equipment (this happened at Clinton ES).

4.) Old Business

  • Book Fair report: we earned $770 in book credit this year. Scholastic books and Scholastic book fairs have combined, and we may be able to use this credit for French books. We may also be able to offer French books at the book fair next year because of this change.

  • International Potluck report: Lisa: it was terrific, we had a good turn out, a lot of families brought older kids back, so that was nice.

  • Snow removal: Lisa asks M Poroda how it’s going: it’s been removed twice. First time was pretty expensive ($125). Second time, we went to a different vendor.  With the cold temps, kids haven’t been outside. Blacktop only usually means a lot of skinned knees, and a lot of nurse visits. If parents could reinforce with your kids to bring a book in the AM, it helps them meet the expectation of quiet when they can’t go outside after breakfast. Jenn Hambach asked about the sidewalks and who cleans them. When we had the smaller snowfall the sidewalks were clean, but when we had 10 inches, they were pretty messy. Maybe we could have a parent committee help out with this and get it done.  M Poroda says that it’s really a custodial thing and that he will talk to M Bennett about it.

5. New Business

  • Washington Cole-6th grade dance

Washington presented on ideas the 6th graders have about a dance for their class.  They are thinking a masquerade ball could be a good way to bond with other students. They want $155 for food, decorations and music. The dance will be April 25th. Students will pay $2 to get in. Kristin Allison moves to vote on PTO providing $155, seconded. Motion passed.

  • Family Fun Night (3/21)

Magician/entertainer Dr. insecta comes highly recommended, he was the one who actually came up with the bowling ball trick that was at last year’s Family Fun Night.  Dinner will start at 6; Dr. Insecta starts at 6:30.

  • El Vaquero Night (in April)

This may get moved to May because the patio is usually open by then.

  • Staff Appreciation Week (5/5-5/9)

We are in the preliminary stages of planning for this.  We usually provide a breakfast, a lunch, have a snack/baked goods day and a few other little treats.  Be thinking about donations (we have already put in a request with Panera for the breakfast day, but will need other items as well).

  • Fancy Fair (5/17)

Lisa still needs to find a volunteer coordinator for this. [edit: she has since found a parent to do this] So if you know someone who is good at organizing, etc. let her know.

  • other topics

Kindergarten trips to zoo in May: need money for busing.  Mme Vanden Noven and Mme Bateman think it will be no more than $200. This will be a cushion in case they come up short from the kids bringing on money. We will need to vote on this. Kristin Allison moves that we vote, seconded; Motion passed. May 12th is the date.

Do we know if they are going to extend the school year? (we still don’t know this yet.) Because of calamity days, OAAs may get pushed back. (these are usually the week after spring break)  We need to look at trips to parks at the end of the year.  M. Poroda would rather that money he has go to field trips rather than picnics.

Are there any more field trips? Staff had till 2/28 to get in requests. Next week there will be staff meeting to talk about this.

Science fair—Mme Williams: 5th graders will be doing this may 1st, because we can get in the gym. Will be on display that Thursday afternoon, and in the evening for parents, 5-7.  Forms will be there for the kids to get feedback, please do these for kids other than your own child.  Mme Williams suggests bringing in your project a few days early so you can put it back together if you need to ride the bus with your project. Science Fair is open to 4th 5th 6th graders, but mandatory for 5th grade. The elementary science specialist for CCS will be here that day.

6. Adjournment