PTO Meeting Minutes 4.2.2014

PTO meeting minutes 4.2.14

Present: Lisa Ehleringer, Megan McGonigle, Amanda McClafferty.  Absent: Ryan Landi.

  1. Welcome.

Lisa welcomes everyone.

  1. Updates from M Poroda

  • M. Poroda shared an email from Mlle Lipp: the Bread Loaf Teacher Network will be publishing her student achievement, specifically her pedagogical practices and the lessons they did with variances in dialect and accent depending on country of origin.  M poroda is proud of her work!

  • He passed around info about the upcoming GT meetings.  The instruction of GT will be totally remodeled and there will be an impact on this school. He has a new brochure, gifted support at language schools is specifically mentioned.  Grades 3-5 will have one specialist who will work with kids in the classroom. The services will be ramped up. Please attend the parent info meeting. [note: after CCS parent feedback on the proposed changes, implementing changes has been pushed back until next year]

  • With regards to the construction project—waiting to get a date for the open house, may be the week we come back from break, may be the week after.  There was a building meeting today, they showed a basic rendering of the swing space. There’s enough space for everything. A primary teacher, an intermediate teacher and two parent volunteers to serve on a committee (Devin Miller and Kristin Allison). We had to move the swing date to December to get the building ready for a school setting. Parents, if they wish, can volunteer to help teachers pack up.  [Open house for Northgate will be April 23rd 6:30-8pm.  Sample classroom will be set up.]

  • Mme Wells will be principal at Northtowne next year.  This is good news for her, but we will miss her here!  Interviews with some candidates for principal will be happening next week. So this should be in place by next school year.

  • Springtime playtime: please reinforce with students to be careful on the blacktop, reinforce safe play with kids at home.

  • Last paper order has been placed for the year.  Ask teachers what they may need in their classrooms.

  • Blizzard bags info will be going out soon, this has been approved at ODE, guidelines are being developed.  Three make up days will occur via the bags, thus we will not make up snow days at the end of the school year.  Students have 10 school days to complete the bags.  If they are not completed, your child gets an unexcused absence for each bag. You need fewer than 10 unexcused absences for one year; 3 days won’t garner a visit from a Truancy officer.

  • Lastly, a flyer will be going home tomorrow or friday about 3rd grade spring break reading blitz. Parks and Rec and Columbus Metropolitan Library partnered, 15 16 17 April will have volunteers at rec centers.

  1. Treasurer’s report

This year’s family fun night actually made a little money. Are there any questions? We also want to follow up with Kenwood table covers/banners for Comfest, school fairs. M Poroda will follow up on this.

  1. Old business

  • family fun night (update covered above)

  • playground toys: outside equipment needed like jump ropes, tether balls, etc. $150 in items like that needs to be ordered. Chinese jump ropes–check with Mme Williams because she may have some. Motion approved for the purchase of these items.

  • 6th grade dance: they have their money and flyers have been made for 6th graders. Washington Cole will be asking for parent volunteers.

      5. New business

  • El Vaquero night: We are working on a night, it will be a Thursday.

  • 5th grade plant sales: good quality, profit is about $1/plant.

  • food bank/backpacks: We would like to start a food bank here at Kenwood for families in need.  Teachers can help identify students who depend on school breakfast and lunch for all meals, and who could use some help over the weekends.  Parents are encouraged to drop off donations–think about foods that do not require preparation that kids can make themselves.  When we get closer to the point of distributing food, fresh fruit and vegetables could be donated to be sent home.  Please spread this via word of mouth as we don’t want to shame anyone.  CRC may have an overabundance of food that we could have access to.  If folks know of other food resources, please contact Megan McGonigle ( or Amanda McClafferty (

  • Staff appreciation week-This will move to April 28-May 2 because of OAAs.  Teacher wish list will go out and parents may want to donate items to the classroom.  Sign ups for staff breakfast, lunch and treats days will be going out soon.

  • Fancy Fair: It will be 5/17.  This year we have a dunk tank with Mr. D, maybe one of our former middle school teachers would be willing to do it as well. Silent auction: Amanda McClafferty is going from being in charge of volunteers to the silent auction. Letters have gone out to our usual companies. But if you or anyone you know has something to donate that would be great. If you know of anyone who would be willing to donate jewelry, etc., Amanda has form letters if you’d be wanting to do that.  Chairs are needed for Fancy Fair, and this will go out ASAP.  We also need as much staff involvement as possible, and maybe this could be brought up at staff meetings.

  • Officer elections: treasurer 1 year term, secretary 2 year term, president 2 year term.  Elections will happen later this month at our last meeting.  Please contact Lisa if you are interested in these positions!

 6. Closing

Next (and final) PTO meeting will be held Tuesday, April 29th, 6-7pm, in the library.