PTO Meeting Minutes 4.29.14

PTO meeting 4.29.14

In attendance: Lisa Ehleringer, Amanda McClafferty, Megan McGonigle and Ryan Landi.

1.) Call to order

Lisa called the meeting to order.

2.) Treasurer’s report

Ryan: There has not much activity this past month. We started this year with a lean budget and I think we will do fairly well this year. We controlled spending and avoided frivolous items. We still have about $7000, but have to pay out for Fancy Fair.  We will be able to carry over funds into next year’s budget.  Questions? Lisa: money for M Poroda for the “caught being good cards”—has that been taken out? (no)

3.) Old business

  • playground toys

Ordered and delivered and the kids like them. Chinese jump ropes, jump ropes, tether balls.

  • 6th grade dance

Went off really well and they really enjoyed themselves.

4.) New business

  • Fancy Fair chairs

need chairs for: games, bounce house, dunk tank, set up, floater, tear down, food, tickets, (food and tickets need to be able to run change) hair color and tattoos, nail painting, crafts (Amy Overmyer), cake walk, volunteers (Sarah Moreno).

  • Mural-Andrea O’Carroll: We can do a graffiti mural on the building, inside, probably in the front hallway by the existing wall painting. The kids can do hand prints and write their names on it. We can take a pic and frame it and take it with us to Northgate. How much do we charge for this? We will need at least 3 people to help for each shift. $1 or $5…..How about $3, which is 12 tickets. Maybe we can earmark this money for going toward something at the new building, which may increase interest in doing this.

5.) Staff appreciation week

  • Tomorrow is the lunch, food from Costco. Bannon McBride will be doing that. Wish lists: some teachers didn’t send them home, etc, not all parents got them. Not all teachers gave Lisa lists—we tried. We may want to include latch key next year for the wish lists.
  • Room parents and issues with getting info from parents for contact purposes (relates to staff appreciation for trying to make contact with more parents for the teacher wish lists). Gathering email addresses, maybe there should be ways to sign up electronically. We could add a link to the website for people to sign up for email. “Would you like to sign up for our email” should be on the top of the page. Room parent stuff—that is at the top of Lisa’s list for next year. There was a lack of communication this year about how this was working, etc., and a disconnect between teachers and the parent. Teachers need to know they need to use the room parents and can plan ahead for them, and that we need this to help with communication in the classroom. Mme Wells: classrooms aren’t able to celebrate in the same ways as they did in the past and I think that’s part of what’s going on with the lack of communication.  But this was also supposed to be about things that the teacher needs, etc. Brian Hagemann: I think we should be realistic about that many of our parents do not have email access and we will still have to rely on the backpack method of getting info out.
  • Baked goods for Thursday—drop them off in the teachers’ lounge.

6.) Comfest

Our application is in, they let us know June 1st if we’re in.  They take 150 vendors, and get 4-500 applicants. We are never guaranteed a spot. We are optimistic, but there is some tension from an issue last year with a former Kenwood parent who wanted the booth to benefit Kenwood and International….but if we don’t make it in, then the walkathon money will just go into our budget rather than to a specific need next year.  6/27-29 are the dates. We will need 2-3 people for set up, then 2 people for each shift. You can sell water or volunteer for Comfest itself—we need these volunteers to get our security deposit back. We can put a sign up for volunteers at Fancy Fair.  Comfest volunteering involves cleaning of trash and recycling, working at the registration desk.  It would be great if we could have someone at the registration as much as possible–a lot of people come in to volunteer but don’t have an organization to get credit for it.  Last year Kyle McClafferty offered, “would you like to give your credit to a Columbus city school?” and most folks said sure.

7.) Other

  • Paper: We are out of 8.5X11, the school needs more paper. We can get it for $25 case—Lisa proposes ½ case-1 case per class. $325 for 13 cases. 9 cases will be purchased, and we can reassess. Motion to purchase: kristen, seconded. Approved for the purchase of paper.
  • Mme legrand’s father died last week.  She has asked that in lieu of flowers, that any donations be made instead to Fancy Fair.
  • Mme wells: OAA testing is this week and next week. Children’s festival is this weekend—closest one (to Kenwood) is at whetstone. She has the Q and As for the Blizzard packs. They will go out Friday 5/2 and  are due 5/16. If handed back in they will get credit for the 3 snow days. Does it affect student grade? Teachers will choose how they grade this work; it will be treated like classroom work.
  • Kristen Allison: the yearbook is lacking; the photo company did it entirely themselves. Mme Lipp and Kristen talked about making a photo memory book. We don’t have anything for the 6th graders right now. Why is the graduation gone? In the past, PTO would give $300 toward graduation and 7th graders would prepare it for 8th graders. We don’t have a budget line item. Brian Hagemann makes a motion to spend up to $300 for it. Seconded. Motion approved to use $300 toward 6th grade graduation.
  • New officer vote: Lisa Ehleringer is nominated for president: all approved. Secretary: Angie Meeker is nominated and seconded. All approved.  Treasurer: (one year only) Robert Meeker is nominated and seconded. All approved.  Congrats to all!
  • Raffle tickets: Megan McGonigle has raffle tickets for the quilt that will be raffled off at Fancy Fair.  Please take a group of tickets if you think you can sell them to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.  There is a small sample pic of the quilt on the tickets, but we will get a better pic that can be distributed.  Contact her at if you would like to get some tickets to buy and/or sell.
  • El vaquero: This will be held on May 21st.  20% of your bill will be donated to Kenwood, alcohol included.  Flyers will go home about this.
  • Letters will go home tomorrow for donations for silent auction (held at Fancy Fair)—even giving money for basket fillers is helpful, or gifts you bought and never gave.

8.) Adjournment