PTO Meeting Minutes 9 May 2013

PTO Meeting Minutes 9 May 2013

present: co-Presidents Andrea O’Carroll and Ryan Landi, Vice President Erin Stamper, Treasurer Courtney Smith and Secretary Megan McGonigle.

Call to Order

Ryan called the meeting to order.

I. Approval of the Minutes

Andrea made a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting.  Motion seconded and motion approved.


II. Treasurer’s Report

Courtney: we made $335 at el vaquero night. Fancy Fair and Comfest will be the final things we spend money on. That’s all we have coming up, we have plenty of funds for them.   Any questions? Darcy Hartman: Comfest doesn’t really cost us anything.  Courtney: it doesn’t, unless we have to buy extra water (but that money comes out of our water profits).  Andrea: we talked about once this year ended, dividing up our PTO funds to pass out 1/9 each to the 7th and 8th grades’ PTO as they move on to International.


III. Nominations and Elections

Ryan thanked Courtney and Erin for their work for the PTO. Ryan asked for nominations. Sheila Jones was nominated was treasurer. Vote was taken, all in favor: none are opposed.  Congrats, Sheila!  Next nomination is for VP. Tiffany nominated Amanda McClafferty.  Vote was taken, all in favor: none are opposed.  Congrats, Amanda!


IV. Old Business

a.) El Vaquero night

This was a big success for us, $335. Tiffany Hanna said they were very happy to have us, we brought in a lot of money for them. Let them know if we want food for any events—Braden Kern’s mom (Erin Kerns) works there and can help us out.

b.) Teacher Appreciation

This is going well so far, breakfast was especially appreciated.


V. New Businesses

a.)Fancy Fair Planning Committee

Lisa Ehleringer: we need volunteers really badly. Game truck is booked, bounce house is booked. For the silent auction we have Shadowbox tickets, Northstar giftcard, WDW tickets, North Market vendors donations.  Tiffany still needs raffle prizes and donations, so feel free to still bring them to her.


Lottery letters have been going out, so hopefully we can invite new kindy families to Fancy Fair. Courtney is going to call tomorrow to try to get the info that we need. Typically, we have made nametags for the new families and given them 5 raffle tickets.


Lisa has a timing issue about the 4:30 recognition for 6 and 7th graders in the courtyard. (4:45 for 7th grade)  Do we shut down the games for this? No, because we need the revenue. But what about the kids who are volunteering then? All 6th and 7th graders should sign up for first shift. Erin is going to talk to Natali Fausey about this.


Quilt from Jena Hueber’s mother for raffle: Amanda McClafferty talked to Jena’s mom about where she wanted to display it.  Tiffany thinks we should hold on to it for the fall. A good price for it would be $1000. Hope McGonigle has the raffle site set up, just have to punch in the sale date/picture/. If we wait until fall, we could display at open house with ticket sales, again at the Hoedown and sell tickets, then sell it at craft bazaar. Hang it from the stage for the various events, and then store it. Kristin Allison will contact Jena about changing the date.


b.)ComFest Planning Committee

From Darcy: waiting for official confirmation from Comfest that we are a go, and this usually happens around the time of Fancy Fair.  Darcy will begin sign ups at that time. An aside: The Comfest water booth brought us our new 6th grade teacher. Tiffany chatted her up at the booth last summer and M. Toure has been in contact with her during the year.


VI. Other

Kristin Allison wants to do something for teachers who won’t be here next year. Middle school teachers, Mr. brush, Mr. Weibel.  Maybe something like Edible arrangements…..or something like a momento, maybe the photo of the school that was made into a watercolor for Mme. Palma. Maybe the vendor could do a smaller one. This is mainly for Mr. Weibel and Mr. Brush. Timeline will work out to give it to them at the last day.


M. Toure waiting to hear back from Amity. He thinks he can pay $3000 for two interns. May need PTO help with stipend, which will be $300/month for 2 interns.  Courtney: Mme. Startz is friendly with someone in Wisconsin who did something similar at a school, and she can give out more information about the program.


Tiffany points out that two people here won’t be with us next year, Erin Stamper and Darcy Hartman. She lists their contributions to our school and everyone thanked them. 🙂


M. Toure: bullying has been a topic, and there is a speaker coming in on Sept 18th next year with students, staff and parents. is his website. M. Toure went to one of his sessions earlier this year, and it was very informative and helpful to parents. He is also looking for classroom programs to help with consistency in classrooms.


M. Toure thanked the PTO for their work this year.