What We Do

The PTO collaborates with parents, families, students and our community to help strengthen the education our children receive at Kenwood. Some of the ways we do that together are through social events, fundraisers, family nights, community outreach, teacher support and family outreach.

Examples of Past Events

Kenwood Family Hoedown

It is just as it sounds! Hot dogs, baked beans, soda-pop, desserts, mmmm… Just a fun get together in early fall for families to catch up after the summer months and the mad rush of the beginning of the school year.

International Potluck

Each family brings a dish from around the world to share. Students and volunteers decorate the gym, setting up tables representing the various continents across the globe. Music students are on hand to provide music for all to enjoy. The International Potluck is held in February.

Fun Night

Fun Night varies but we have had an excellent magician, played Bingo, and had one of our own parents talk about writing the shorts for the movie Igor.

La Fancy Fair

This is the school carnival which is held in May and is the culmination of everything fun at Kenwood. It is an all afternoon event with games, a cake walk, prize wheel, silent auction, street hockey, crafts, hair painting, soccer, a bounce house, and so much more!


The Community Festival is a city wide festival that is held the last weekend in June each year. It celebrates community, art, music and family. Kenwood has a booth at this festival selling bottled water to raise money for the PTO. This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year and it takes quite a few dedicated volunteers. The good news is, it is a lot of fun for everyone! Kenwood runs the water booth right next to the Bozo/Main stage at Comfest and this is where we earn about 1/3 of our budget for the year.


What have we done with the revenue generated from fundraisers?

Here are a few ways that your time and talents invested through the PTO have benefited your students at Ecole Kenwood:

  • Bought the kindergarten play equipment
  • Portable soccer/hockey nets
  • Chess Club chess sets and clocks
  • Lighting, headset microphone and sound equipment for the stage
  • Drum fans for the cafeteria
  • Bells and xylophones for music class
  • Opera residency
  • WOW science experiments
  • Student folders and planners
  • Dancing with the Stars lessons
  • Reading A-Z
  • Food for PT conferences
  • Holiday crafts for all students
  • ELMO
  • TV for the computer lab
  • Triple balance with weights
  • Wall maps
  • Big screen microscopes
  • Videos and DVDs
  • Math Manipulatives
  • Stopwatches
  • Lunches for 6/7 grade Canada trip

What else does the PTO do beside events and fundraisers?

There are many ways for you to be involved in the PTO. Here are a few examples of the ways we serve Ecole Kenwood that you might not be aware of:

  • Run the book cart (can always use books and magazines!) weekly
  • Organize the school book sale – in February
  • Post information on the marquis monthly
  • Coordinate an art show of student’s work in the spring
  • Organize the ski club
  • Put on evening tours of the school
  • Coordinate Kenwood’s booth at the International Festival in November
  • Hold a Staff Appreciation Week in May
  • Run WOW Science experiments for K-5 every other month
  • Publish the school directory
  • Coordinate food and babysitting volunteers for the PT Conferences
  • Run the Blue Jacket reading program
  • Coordinate the 8th grade trip and graduation
  • Coordinate the Middle School dance
  • Run a Chess Club and Team
  • Hold a Dance Club
  • Put our weekly email newsletters
  • Publish a monthly printed newsletter
  • Organize volunteers to help in classrooms and around the school